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Connectivity Issue (Resolved)

Affecting Server - PL-UK | Priority - Critical

We are currently investigating a network issue in DH2.


UPDATE: We have identified an issue causing the stack of switches in our Coventry datacentre to reboot, we are expecting service to be restored within the next 2-3 minutes.

Date - 05/03/2021 11:34 - 05/03/2021 11:44

Last Updated - 05/03/2021 11:44

Plesk DNS Routing Issue (Resolved)

Affecting Server - PL-UK | Priority - Critical

We currently have a Plesk DNS outage and were investigating the root cause, we are working on the issue and hope to restore the DNS as soon as possible. - further updates to follow.

UPDATE: We have found the root cause a corrupt partition on the network, were replacing the drive and hope to restore the DNS service shortly.

UPDATE RESOLVED: Please use this IP if you use any external DNS please update this and your website will start working again shortly.

Date - 16/09/2020 11:18 - 16/09/2020 12:10

Last Updated - 16/09/2020 12:10

Planned Migration (Resolved)

Affecting Server - UK-PL-WIN | Priority - Low

Note: You are receiving this email because according to our records, your website’s are hosted on the server specified above. In case your account(s) on this server is/are no longer used, please disregard this email.
We are always trying to bring in innovations for enhancing the current services and delivering the best of them to our customers. In this continuous improvement process and in an effort to deliver even much greater performance as part of your existing services, we will be moving your account over to a new cloud server platform, which will enhance the reliability, performance, high availability & scalability.
The migration process itself involves minimum downtime as little as possible for new IP propagation and your websites, emails, databases, etc. will be copied over to the new server as it is. We are confident that the new server will only serve to enhance the performance of your website.
For your records, the new shared IP address of the server will be If your domains are registered through us, you will not need to make any changes to the name servers they use. However, if you are using private name servers then you are advised to update the IP addresses of your name servers as follows:
Old Name server - -

New Name server - -
If you are using any third-party name servers or DNS hosting service then we request that you update any host records i.e. A, www or MX to the new IP address You can also check IP of your website from new control panel at with existing login details
MSSQL connection string remain localhost. If you are using server name in code for MSSQL connection string then kindly update it to localhost.
If anyone using any old IP address in any Email clients like Outlook as incoming and outgoing mail server, then please update it to
Enhancements in new servers are:
Mod Security is enabled on new server to safeguard site’s from attacks/injections
Latest operating system Windows Standard 2019 with IIS 10
Latest Control Panel Plesk 18.0.29
Support of web deployment to upload your site & applications directly from Visual Studio
Support of latest PHP version 7.4.9. PHP versions below 5.6.40 are now outdated and removed from new server
Support of latest Node.js 12.18.0
Support of latest ASP.NET Core 3.1.6
Support of ASP.NET 4.8
MVC 2, 3 and 4 installed
MSQL upgraded to version 2017 with SQL reporting service enabled.
MySQL is now upgraded to MariaDB 10.3.23 by Plesk
Mail server now fully supports secure mail. You can use hostname with ports 465 (SMTP), 993 (IMAP) and 995 (POP3)
**Perl and Python are no longer supported by Plesk**
FTP Hostname: OR your domain name
Plesk URL:  OR

Date - 19/09/2020 11:59 - 20/09/2020 00:18

Last Updated - 10/09/2020 10:26

Intimittent Issue (Resolved)

Affecting System - Cloudflare | Priority - Critical

**The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.

Cloudflare is investigating issues with Cloudflare Resolver and our edge network in certain locations.

Customers using Cloudflare services in certain regions are impacted as requests might fail and/or errors may be displayed.

Data Centers impacted include: SJC, DFW, SEA, LAX, ORD, IAD, EWR, ATL, LHR, AMS, FRA, CDG

Date - 17/07/2020 22:30 - 17/07/2020 22:50

Last Updated - 17/07/2020 22:52

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